Efya, the well-known Ghanaian musician, has discussed her protracted artistic absence and her unpredictable song release schedule.

During her guest appearance on 3FM's Urban Blend with AJ Sarpong, she gave a candid explanation for why she had been out of the entertainment industry for so long.

The vocalist explained in the exclusive interview that her decision to desist from singing during that time was due to a broken heart.

To the horror of the host, AJ, she exclaimed, “My heart was broken.

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The multi-award-winning singer, who calls herself a “baby girl,” claims that the state of her emotional health has a big impact on how she creates; as a result, she chooses to shy away from the spotlight rather than address her anguish through music.

“I couldn't sing, and I was upset about it. It was something I didn't want to deal with at the moment since, as a baby girl, how I feel matters a lot to me, she admitted.

Source: DklassGh.com