Uncle Ebo Whyte, the renowned Ghanaian playwright, and the author has said that women have a better degree of reasoning than males.

This was said by the writer during submission on TV3’s NewDay show. Women, he claims, are capable of thinking faster than males. He went on to say that anytime a crisis arises, women prefer to make strategies to resolve the issues.

He said, “I say this, and a lot of people disagree with me.” The IQ of women is greater than that of males. As a result, many ladies come prepared. And, in many situations, the individual is completely unaware of what has occurred.

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Every other woman can immediately see straight through a woman’s plan. Women, who are close to a guy might occasionally convey their annoyance by saying, “Can’t you see it?” Because, with your brains and everything, you (women) have demonstrated that. But he’s having a blast and is absolutely oblivious to everything that’s going on.”

Uncle Ebo advised the women to look for qualities in a man that show his readiness to unlearn and learn. Please, men, be mature, he said. Even if the age gap is only two or one year, we (men) are generally not at your level when you marry us (women). In terms of life, you (women) are well on your way, but we (guys) are nowhere. We (guys) are unable both mentally and emotionally.

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So, if you notice that he is attentive, that he appreciates you, that he has some common sense, and that he is the sort of guy who can be taught, follow him.”

Source: Dklassgh.com

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