kwaw kese

Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) has finally paid Ghanaian hip-hop musician Kwaw Kese his music royalties.

claimed that he had been producing music for the last 20 years without getting paid in a tweet on December 15, 2022.

The rapper also attacked the system in which artists must pay media outlets to publicize their work.

In a subsequent tweet, the creator of Madtime Entertainment contrasted making music in his own nation with doing it “elsewhere,” where a buddy “produced one song for a performer and has made over 2 million dollars” out of that one endeavor.

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The Music Rights Organization, however, became aware of his tirades (GHAMRO).

The ‘Abodam' hitmaker already has GHC 13,000 in their black box, but Rex Omar, the GHAMRO Interim Chairman, revealed that he has not updated his records and would be paid as soon as he gives data for that.

Since then, Kwaw Kese has confirmed receiving a GHC 13,000 check from GHAMRO, albeit he has not yet cashed it.

As members of a collection society, the owners of the copyright to a song are paid through music royalties for the usage of their original works.

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For years on end, the problem of music royalties has occupied a lot of Ghanaian musicians' minds.

Musicians in the nation are plagued by the inefficient processes and mechanisms controlling intellectual property.